Great System

Pros: excellent price, customer service, sound quality - they are speakers after all...

"When we finished our basement with it's home theatre I decided to take a risk and try this speaker brand that I had never heard of. I was prepared to take them back but in turns out this is the single best decision we made.

system was easily installed and sounds amazing as part of our surround sound
system for our home theatre. The sound is crisp and you truly feel immersed in
what you are watching. I've heard many display systems in their ideal
environments at a variety of stores and these speakers have no measureable
difference to my ear. If a consumer can spend thousands on a system or is an
extreme audiophile who needs to calibrate even the finest of details then
perhaps you could tell the difference...but I doubt that person will read this
review. If you care about incredible sound for an incredible price then give
these speakers a shot. You will initially be surprised and in love but that
eventually becomes excitement as you may have found the best deal on the net.

service is incredible. Instant replies and genuine interest in customer
satisfaction. Email them yourself and ask your questions...it won't be a waste
of your time"



sound and even better value!

had my basement completed. The contractors were able to install these in-wall
speakers with ease. They look great and sound even better! I would highly
recommend this product!"




speakers are awesome and I couldn't be happier. Let me know where to review and
I'll do it. Thanks for all of your help and advice and I wish you the best of

Jeff K


Install went fine, as planned and the customer is very happy.
I love the product.
I'll use your stuff again for sure when the opportunity comes up.

Drewry Electric


After the long wait we finally got to try out the speakers...absolutely incredible...my wife and I love the system and has exceeded our expectations... Thanks for taking an interest in your customers. I talk a lot...and have been raving to friends about both your service and product. Congrats.



I am just a typical do it yourselfer. I tried this product based on a friends referal. It was quick and easy. (besides some climbing through the attic) The directions were clear and accurate, and the web page was a great resource. At one point I got the sets of wires mixed up, but the web page 'tips & tricks' quickly helped me sort it out. I enjoy these kinds of challenges, but it turned out to be pretty simple. Sound is excellent and I now have speakers and volume controls in the kitchen and front room. Bathroom is next. Yes I would definitely refer this product to friends and family



I am writing to tell you that I am very happy with my Ready2Rock speaker packages. As a developer of quality homes, I always want to increase the perception of value by including sound systems in my homes. I found it very cost effective to use Ready2Rock systems as I could easily install the system with my regular crew, rather than having to hire an expensive audio consultant to do it at a higher rate.

Now that we are marketing our homes with the systems included, everyone from the realtors to the perspective buyers have been very impressed!

Peter F
Verve Design + Build
Whistler Elegance
Mahana Hawaiian Homes
Living Ventures


Love the website! Great product! Great videos! Congratulations!

John B
Peterborough On.


Hooked em up and watched some UFC fights from
Montreal. Then played some Michael Jackson video's and a few DVD music

Price point was amazing, I think I paid double this for a
single Sonance... so no problem will be doing the rest of the house with your
product. No rattle or vibration, no distortion.

Keep up the good work



I do believe they will be a very good fit for the target market you are going after. I am going to pitch this to the next couple of clients I’m working with and see if I can get some of my builders/contractor partners to help promote them as well as I think they will work well on some of our reno projects. I too believe that this product iswhat the market needs to fill that void/gap.


Excellent Value

"We installed these speakers as a home theater set up and in our bathroom and bedroom. Installing the wiring was easy during the renovation process. Adding the speakers and volume controls after the drywall was up was quick and easy, each speaker comes with a template to cut out the drywall.

The sound is great and it's easy to operate and control the volume in each room.

Glad to see these are now available at Costco."


North Vancouver


Sounds Great !!!

"We are a builder, and have tried many other speaker systems. We found this kit to work great.

The installation was simple with the templates that are supplied.

The sound quality is awesome. They sound like like the more expensive competitors model that we tested !! But at a significant cost savings !!

Since our initial purchase we have installs in four more homes and all the homeowners love the sound quality !!!"

Brentview Estates

Penticton B.C.


Hi, just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new kitchen speakers. We had our contractor install them during our recent kitchen renovation. He found it easy to install. They look great due to the low profile design and sound better than we could have hoped for. Also, the new junction box for all the in-house speakers sure tidies up the mess of wires that existed before.

Thanks again for a great product.

Richard J