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I know you guys are busy so I’ll try to be brief… these days, you need to make the most of every project you win and an installed sound system is a great way to increase your margins or give your project a unique marketing advantage over your competitors and create a happy customer. Clients almost always see the benefit of wiring speakers right into the walls and ceiling at the time of construction...but most won’t think of it if you don’t suggest it. They’re missing out and so are you.


Are stereo stores and audio consultants your best choice? Not really, they generally are fixated on the latest and the newest products on the market which only apply to the top 20% of the projects and are priced out of the budget. There is still the 80% of home owners looking for an easy solution and someone to install it. That’s where Ready2Rock and you… the builder / contractor or electrician come in.


What makes Ready2Rock different???     HTP-2 and CSP-2 PACKAGES !!!


We have taken our most popular commercial products and packaged them for even better value like the HTP-2 Home Theatre Package and CSP-2 Ceiling Speaker Package. Or if you prefer… choose items to suit your needs since all Ready2Rock products are priced right, offer great performance, truly easy to install and easy for your customer to use. 


Unlike all other systems on the market, the Ready2Rock volume controls are fully automatic impedance matching. In simple terms… there are no adjustments to worry about and no additional speaker selector switching box required either. Our RVC-5A volume controls are as easy as just four wires in from the stereo and four wires out to the speakers in that room. Plug and play!  Also, only Ready2Rock offers the unique RVC-J8 junction box, it’s like a sub panel for the sound system. It easily tidies up all the speaker wires eliminating the connection questions at the stereo. Take a look at our no-nonsense easy to follow online wiring diagrams.


Better yet, all our speakers are paintable, moisture proof and designed for retrofit which doesn’t require rough in rings, keeping the cost down and the installation straight forward.


Still need a push… read our testimonials from other builders. 

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Jack Dubberley